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Customer Service

On Call Administration

We recognize that real estate operates beyond the confines of a typical 8-5 schedule, which is why we have administrators on call seven days a week, poised and ready to assist you and your clients’ needs.

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Real Estate Closings

Facilitating smooth and efficient real estate closing processes for buyers and sellers.


Commercial Closings

Handling complex commercial real estate closings with attention to detail and expertise.

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Dedicated Legal Team

Entrust your clients’ protection to our dedicated legal team, comprising two highly skilled staff attorneys.

Customer Satisfaction

Unparalleled Client Experience

Welcome to an unparalleled client experience, where we take pride in delivering nothing short of the absolute best in Knoxville.

Escrow Account

Escrow Services

Facilitating escrow arrangements to securely hold and disburse funds during the closing process.


Earnest Money

Rest assured; our office will be more than happy to handle holding your clients’ earnest money. You can count on us to take care of it with utmost diligence!


Witness Closings

Providing witnesses for closing transactions, ensuring legal requirements are met.


Preparing Closing Packages

Assembling comprehensive closing packages with all necessary documents for a seamless closing.


Performing Title Searches

Conducting thorough title searches to identify any liens, encumbrances, or ownership issues.

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Releases of Lien

Managing the process of releasing liens on a property to clear title for sale or refinancing.


Notary Services

Offering notary services for document authentication and signature verification.


Spanish Speaking Closings

Conducting closings and transactions in Spanish to cater to Spanish-speaking clients.


Title Insurance Policies

Assisting clients in obtaining title insurance to protect against unforeseen title defects.

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1031 Exchanges

Advising and handling 1031 tax-deferred exchanges for investment property transactions.

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Document Recording and Filing

Ensuring timely and accurate recording and filing of legal documents with the appropriate authorities.


Title Curative Services

Resolving title defects and issues to ensure clear and marketable title for clients